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Repairs, upgrades and remedial work

It is important that any kind of leaky home is repaired as soon as any problems become apparent. This will prevent further damage occurring, and help to minimise additional repair costs.

Once the source of a leak has been found, other potential problems need to be checked to make sure additional damage hasn't been done.

Leaks can fall into three categories:

Small leaks needing only targeted easy repairs

If the leak is isolated and due, for example, to one piece of loose roofing or flashing, this can be easily fixed as long as the damage has been limited due to quick action.

Moderate leaks requiring targeted repairs
If the leak has been happening over a period of time (even in an isolated area) it can cause rot in the framing, timbers or cladding and the wall will need to be exposed in that area to see what needs to be done. The damaged materials will then need to be replaced and the leak repaired.

Extensive leaks requiring a recladding in part or in full
If there is a leaking problem which is endemic to the design, workmanship or construction/cladding materials, then a full reclad may be required. This is being found more frequently in the monolithic cladding of homes undertaken in the 1990's.

It's critical to check the extent of the moisture ingress and to ascertain the extent of the problems before deciding the amount of remedial work required. There is a defined process which includes non-invasive and/or invasive moisture level checking and possible removal of wall linings to determine this.

In the second and third case above, we recommend we ask a Registered Building Surveyor to identify all areas of your home requiring remedial work. As well as identifying areas, the Registered Building Surveyor will provide a report on which to base the plan and work with us to quote for the repairs.

For more general information about leaky homes click here

To contact us for more information about how we can help you repair your home, click here.

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